Attention Travelers…

Never Be A Victim Of Over-Packing Again!

Travel Expert reveals the “insider secrets” of super efficient packing

From: Michael Furniss
Monday 12.36 PM

Dear Frustrated Traveler,

How many times has this happened to you?

You’ve returned home and unpacked your case, only to be confronted with a mountain of clothes, accessories and gadgets you never even used — yet you still decided to haul them half-way across the world from airport to hotel and everywhere in between.

And I bet each time you vow never to over-pack again.

And I also bet you break that vow every time your next trip comes around :)

And doesn’t this make your blood boil even more?

And what makes this worse is when you see some smug traveler beating you to the check in queue with their tiny, light-weight luggage, while you’re drenched in sweat and getting in everyone’s way with your bursting-at-the-seams 15-year old case.

Or even worse!  You overhear that smug traveler announce at the check in desk that they’re just carrying hand luggage.

You think to yourself — “how the ?@#$ do they manage it?”  (Insert your own expletive of choice…)

If you could learn how to pack properly, would you be interested?

The thing is, it’s really not that difficult to travel lightly and efficiently.  All you need to know are the rules before you pack (and to be a bit ruthless in what you take too).

Through a series of interviews with both amature and professional travel experts (the smug people you see at the airports!), we put together the following “Packing Secrets”, tips, tricks and ideas on how to avoid over-stuffing your suitcase!

Check out just a few of our Packing Tips out below:

“Whenever you’re traveling, inspect fellow passengers’ luggage to see what works. Don’t be afraid to ask questions—people actually seem to like sharing luggage stories. Is that petite retiree easily trundling along with a massive suitcase on wheels? If so, the wheels and frame must be well designed. Is that stylish duffel on the hotel’s luggage cart splitting open at the seams? Depend on it that the stitching and/or fabric just won’t hold up when you do some serious traveling.”

“Once you’ve narrowed your selection to several bags, take each one for a walk. Do you feel pressure on your back when you pull it? Is the handle at the right height, so that you don’t have to crouch like a caveman dragging his club? Is most of the weight of the case balanced on the wheels, or are you carrying much of it yourself? Does the handle feel good in your hand? Increase your speed: does the bag begin to wobble? Stop suddenly: what happens? Choose that bag that feels the most comfortable.”

“Whether you’re trying to cram in everything for your trip or just using your carry-on to take care of overflow from your other luggage, expandability is a plus. Soft-side bags generally function best in the carry-on realm.”

As a starting point, take at least two pairs of comfortable shoes; do your best to avoid taking more than three because shoes take up so much space. Limiting your shoe choices is especially tricky for women, given that different styles and lengths of skirts and trousers require completely different shoes. Pack enough underwear and socks to last you between laundry; if yours come in a quick-dry fabric, three or four pairs should be plenty. Adjust further, depending on the style and purpose of the trip.”

If you like our ideas, and want to learn more packing secrets, we strongly suggest that you check out Traveling Expert Rick Steves “Packing and Traveling ideas” at There are basically two kinds of travelers: those who pack light and those who wish they had.

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